Member Recruitment & Retention

Executive (all ex officio)

  Patricia Jonas (chair)   Bonnie Haney (chair)   Jody Williams (chair, President)
  Carol Woodin (ex officio)      Jody Williams (analytics)    Diane Batson-Smith (Executive Director)
  Diane Batson-Smith (ex officio)   Ann Hoffenberg (ex officio)   Sally Petru (VP)
  Susan T. Fisher   Laurie Griff   Cynthia Rice (Treasurer)
  Marilyn Garber   Bonnie Driggers   Gillian Rice (Secretary)
  Carol Hamilton   Derek Norman   Derek Norman (Immediate Past President)
  Sally Petru   Ann Lesciotta 
  Catherine Watters 


     Derek Norman (chair)


Member Engagement

   Cynthia Rice
    Beth Plotnick (e-newsletter co-editor)   Ku-mie Kim
   Editorial Board   Laurie Griff (Chapter Liaison)   Martha Kemp
      Diane Batson-Smith (ex officio)   Claudia Lane (e-newsletter co-editor)   Keiko Nibu Tarver
      Jody Williams (ex officio)  

   Member’s Facebook Page



      Jody Williams (administrator)


      Margaret Saylor (journal editor & designer,      Janene Walkky (moderator)  Susan Mintun (chair)
         member directory, brand identity)      Lotus McElfish (moderator)   Carol Jean Rogalski
      Patricia Luppino (website)  
      Carol Woodin (exhibition catalogs,

Member Recognition

         books)   Bonnie Haney (chair)


    Laurie Griff   Cynthia Rice (ex officio, chair)

   Content Coordinators 

    Diane Batson-Smith (ex officio)
      Myra Sourkes (Exhibition Back Stories-

   Awards Sub-Committee (autonomous)

   Karen Ringstrand
          Out of the Woods)      Mary Bauschelt (chair) 
      Claudia Lane (Exhibition Back Stories -      Martha Kemp


          20th Annual Intl.)      Victoria Matthews      Jennifer Muto (chair)
      Alice Tangerini (online member gallery)      Catherine Watters      Diane Batson-Smith (ex officio)
        Cynthia Rice (Finance Liaison)



   General Fundraising Events

       Rose James (online auction lead)

   Planning & Advisory

      Linda Powers (art bazaar lead)
      Denise Walser-Kolar (ex officio)      Susan Mintun
      Diane Batson-Smith (ex officio)      Pauline Goldsmith (fundraising
      Jody Williams (ex officio)          communications, portfolio sharing
            sales admin)

   Local Contacts

     Danny Swanson (2017: Filoli/San Francisco) 

   Individual Giving & Planned Bequests

      Jody Williams (2018: St. Louis)  

        (Legacy Program & Acorn Fund)

      Lugene Bruno (2019: Pittsburgh)      Jennifer Muto
      Derek Norman (2020: Mobile)      Rinda Mueller
       Diane Batson-Smith (ex officio - Annual Appeal)

Member Instruction & Education

   Suzanne Wegener (co-chair) 

   Corporate Sponsorship & Advertising

   Deborah Shaw (co-chair)       Jody Williams
   Margaret Best       Jennifer Muto
   Kristi Bruzenak       Carol Jean Rogalski (Advertising)
   Diana Carneiro  
   Bonnie Driggers 

   Grants & Foundation Funding

   Keiko Nibu Tarver      Beth Plotnick
   Catherine Watters      Diane Batson-Smith (ex officio)

Outreach & Collaborations

   Suzanne Wegener (co-chair)  
   Deborah Shaw (co-chair)  

   ASBA Grant Projects Sub-Committee

      Myra Sourkes (chair)  
      Ku-mie Kim  
      Ruth Starratt  
      Gillian Rice  

   Non-member Education Sub-Committee

      Ruth Starratt  
      Molly Hoopes  
      Margaret Best  
      Nina Antze  

   Public Speaking Sub-Committee

      Jody Williams (co-lead)  
      Susan Mintun (co-lead)  
      Deborah Kopka  
      Jennifer Muto  
      Claudia Lane  

 Public Facebook Page 

           Carol Woodin (Administrator)  
           Pauline Goldsmith (Editor)  
           Jody Williams (Assistant Editor)  


1.       Ex-Oficio: committee members by virtue of officer or staff position

2.       Adjunct: serving in a specific role, not active in other areas of the committee

3.       Anyone interested in serving on a committee, please contact the committee chair or the ASBA President. Some committees must be comprised of board members, most allow for general member participation. Acceptance of new participants on committees is at the discretion of the President (according to the ASBA by-laws) and will be determined in conjunction with each committee chair based on committee needs. 

4.       Committee chairs - please notify the ASBA President of any changes (new members being considered or resignations from) committee rosters.

5.       Committee chairs are responsible for communicating with their committee members, leading the committee in establishing priorities, taking actions towards ASBA goals as outlined in the ASBA Strategic Plan in their committee’s area of responsibility and coordinating and communicating with the Executive Committee or other committees as necessary.

6.       Committees work in support of ASBA’s Mission and Vision as stated in the ASBA Strategic Plan.