Our Core Values

We Belong: We are an inclusive organization of individuals and institutions who share an interest and appreciation for the tradition and contemporary practice of botanical art. ASBA membership is open to all, and we welcome each member to be part of our interactive community.

We Connect: We connect individuals, groups, institutions and organizations. We connect the principles and elements of art and design with the discipline and accuracy of science. We connect images with ideas and people with plants.

We Create: We believe that botanical art is a creative endeavor. We consider “observation” the cornerstone of our work as artists, enabling us to portray our plant subjects accurately and aesthetically in a unique and personal way.

We Learn and Teach: We strive to improve our skills as artists, support one another at every level, learn from the past, and teach our methods to the artists of the present and the future.

We Recognize Achievement: We recognize the achievements of those who demonstrate excellence and mastery.

We Show and Share: We show our artwork and share our experiences with each other and the public to inspire and promote awareness and appreciation of the art form and of the plant world. Our art seeks to evoke an emotional response and to convey the remarkable beauty, functionality, diversity and importance of the plants we portray.

We Lead: We pursue bold, new initiatives. We encourage our individual, group (chapters and circles), and institutional members to engage in satellite efforts that leverage and amplify our programming at local, regional and international levels. We seek to collaborate with other like-minded organizations to bring botanical art to broader audiences.

We Contribute: We offer our time, talents, energy, passion, and financial resources to the organization, each other and our communities in support of ASBA’s mission.

We Have an Impact: We believe botanical art and the outreach of ASBA members can have an impact beyond our organization, playing a positive role in enriching our lives, promoting ecological awareness and educating others.

  • Polystichum sp.Fern Crozier x 5Watercolor on Paper© Julia Trickey