20th Annual International American Society of Botanical Artists & The Horticultural Society of New York

Blueberries x 5

Vaccinium corymbosum
The genesis of this painting began when the ASBA's Botanical Artist journal asked me to write about the artistic experience of bringing blueberries to life on vellum.  I remember writing in that article that “I thought my days of painting blueberries were over until I reasoned that if the indefatigable Monet could paint over 25 haystacks and not be tired of the subject, maybe one more little blueberry painting will be a great winter painting." 
For the article, as I painted, I described and photographed the progression of painting of the blueberry.  The article was eventually completed, however the painting was not! My attention had moved on to another subject and I tucked this painting into bed for a while. It continued to beckon until, a few months later, the covers were thrown off and the other berries and one leaf were finished.
The unique challenge of this painting was the lapse in time between starting and finally knowing it was complete. Many more months passed and the gnawing sense of incompletion lifted when the second leaf was finally added. A sense of wholeness came over me.
No wonder artists go mad!
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  • © 2017 Constance Scanlon
    Blueberries x 5
    Vaccinium corymbosum
    Watercolor on vellum
    9" x 10"