Continuing the Tradition

by Jutta Buck

with Cynthia Rice

With the advent of chromolithography on wood pulp paper, later in the nineteenth century, illustrations in botanical books declined in quality, while photography began to replace original art in botanical books. Nevertheless, the tradition of botanical art prevailed through the work of artists such as Raymond Booth, Mary Grierson, Paul Jones, Margaret Mee, Margaret Stones, Anne Ophelia Dowden and Rory McEwen, to name a few. The present renaissance of botanical art shows great promise for the future of contemporary botanical art.

  • China rose, Rugosa rose [Rosa Linnaeus, Rosaceae], watercolor on paper by Anne Ophelia Todd Dowden (1907-2007), [pre-1965], for Dowden and Richard Thomson, Roses (New York, Odyssey Press, 1965, p. 29), HI Art accession no. 7453.12. copyright 2008 Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, All rights reserved. Courtesy of Hunt Institue for Botanical Documentation, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA. From The Botanical Artist, 20-3, p. 36.