Chapters & Circles - Attracting Members

What are some of the different ways artists come to join your Chapter or Circle?
Botanical Art Society of the National Capital Region
Two of four meetings per year at United States Botanic Garden are of general interest and open to public. People seen sketching in the Garden and invited to a meeting have joined on the spot. A Texas member with family in D.C. joined our group to gain fellowship with artists. We give annual honorary memberships to speakers who are not already members. 
New England Society of Botanical Artists
Talk with ASBA members at annual conferences who don't live near a Chapter or Circle; we invite them to be in ours.They can ship artwork and participate in our exhibits. They get all communications, and can visit us anytime! We are doing a juried, traveling exhibit. Some ASBA members decided to join their local Chapter (us!) to be able to participate in it and experience camaraderie with other botanical artists.
Oregon Botanical Artists
Rebecca Brown-Thompson, an ASBA founding member who lives in Oregon in the summers, discovered us through an article that appeared in the Pacific Northwest Botanical Artists newsletter. Publicize through an information booth at an Audubon Society sponsored art fair. With such activities, hope to recruit new members by building awareness in Portland.
Northern California Society of Botanical Artists
Until the Alcatraz Florilegium, which increased membership by 50 percent, recruitment was by word of mouth. Interact with California Native Plant Society, Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, local nurseries for tours or painting days, and local botanical gardens. Sally Petru has a 17 year old student who saw her work, contacted her for private instruction, took a shine to botanical art and had a piece juried into a member show at the Helen Crocker Russell Library at Strybing Arboretum. The student sold a print there!
The Reed Turner Botanical Artists, Chicago 
Web site has a gallery section along with membership information. This probably plays a small but significant role in persuading a potential member to join our Circle. We engage with people who come to exhibits and have printed material available about the Circle. Also have a handout promoting us that instructors distribute to students. Approach to recruiting is low-key.
Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California
At outreach programs where we are demonstrate, we fly our banners. We have three, 12" x 60" reading Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California with our blog information. We tape them on the front of tables or wherever we can when we are out as a group. They have grommets so we can hang them too if needed. The banners have earned their way!

Florida Society of Botanical Artists
Most of the Chapter’s newer members were already ASBA members who moved to the Sarasota area as full-time or seasonal residents. Individuals who have visited the ASBA website have inquired about our Chapter. We have a member from the Southern California Chapter who relocated to Florida and chose Sarasota because of the Chapter here.
Central Virginia Botanical Artists
Members join through classes and see the Circle as a good way to practice new and old skills and to share knowledge. A few have found our group through the ASBA magazine; some find us online. Others have seen our exhibits and joined on the spot! When attending other community activities and group meetings, especially fiber groups and other art groups, we talk about our group. The good news: when we have requested to show at a venue our name is recognized. 
Great River Chapter
Two friends who were quite new students of botanical art went to a Chapter event and were recruited both to join and to become the next president and secretary of the Chapter! They made that commitment and did a wonderful job of guiding the Chapter during their terms.
Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists
A new member had seen one of our sale-shows at a garden center three years ago. So impressed with the show, she decided right then, even though she had never drawn anything more than a stick figure, she would be in a show like that one day. She took our brochure as a reminder of her goal. She completed the program at Denver Botanic Gardens School for Botanic Art and this year was in the show at the same garden center showing her newly discovered talent. Also actively recruit by leaving brochures at the School for Botanic Art; contact personally each artist who graduates. 
Southwest Society of Botanical Artists
Joining forces with the Sonoran Desert Florilegium Program added several new members. One new member had been looking for something like us and just never googled the right thing to find us. She finally discovered us when she saw our show at Tempe Public Library. We hope our involvement in the Arizona Art Alliance will bring new members over time.