This summer ASBA members Marge Kelly and Lyndsay Murphree led a class at Marwen titled Nature Up Close: Botanical Watercolor Painting. Marwen is a not-for-profit that provides free visual arts classes to under-served Chicago youth from grades 6-12. This class focused on close study of plants with an emphasis on rendering value to achieve realism. Specimens ranged from lilies to succulents to pine cones in order to give the students a chance to try different techniques, as well as challenge themselves. Students took to the subject matter immediately and began producing beautiful work from day one.

Heeyoung Kim came to class as a guest artist during the second week of class. She gave a history of botanic art then demonstrated her watercolor technique, finishing up with a presentation of her own work in pencil, pen and watercolor. Students were able to see how a rose painting develops petal by petal and took away some great ideas to apply to their own paintings. Heeyoung also gave one on one critiques to students about their work in progress. Her input was valuable to students as they began refining their work with finishing touches.

An exhibition of the work from this class, as well as 35 other Marwen summer programs, runs through October.

  • Heeyoung Kim giving demonstration to Marwen class