Color Curriculum

Color Transparency Properties

By Carolyn Payzant

Originally appeared in The Botanical Artist - Volume 14, Issue 3


Chart Key: Please check your tube for the Pigment
Number. I have only used generic names that would fit my
limited space. S = Staining, LS = Lightly Staining, MS =
Moderately Staining, HS = Heavily Staining T =
Transparent, ST = Semitransparent, O = Opaque, SO =
Semiopaque, G = Granulating


Transparent Staining and Quinacridone Pigments
PV14 Cobalt Violet (ST)
PY3 Hansa Yellow Light (ST - MS)
PY65 Hansa Yellow Deep (ST - HS)
PY97 Hansa Yellow (ST - S)
PY110 Gamboge (T - MS)
PY117 Greenish Yellow (ST - S)
PY129 Green Gold (ST - S)
PY138 Permanent Yellow (ST - S)
PY139 Perm. Yellow Deep/Indian Yellow (ST -MS)
PY151 Azo Yellow/Aureolin Modern (ST -S)
PY153 New Gamboge/Indian Yellow (ST - LS)
PY154 Winsor Yellow (ST - S)
PY175 Winsor Lemon/ Perm. Yellow Lemon (ST - S)
PO48 Quinacridone Burnt Gold (T -S - G)
PO49 Quinacridone Gold (T - S - G)
PR88 Garnet lake/ Perm. Violet (ST - HS)
PR112 Naphthol Red/ Perm. Red (T - HS)
PR122 Quinacridone Magenta (ST - S)
PR168 Anthraqinone Scarlet (ST - S)
PR171 Naphthamide Maroon (ST - S)
PR176 Carmine (ST- HS)
PR177 Anthraquinone Red/ Perm Red Dp (T - S)
PY179 Perylene Maroon (T - HS)
PR188 Scarlet Lake or Organic Vermilion (ST- MS)
PR202 Quinacridone Magenta (ST - HS)
PR206 Q. Burnt Scarlet/Brown Madder (ST - MS)
PR209 Quinacridone Red (T - S)
PR216 Brown Madder (T - MS)
PR242 French Vermilion (ST - HS)
PR255 Pyrrole Scarlet (ST - HS)
PR N/A Quinacridone Carmine (T - S)
PV15 Ultramarine Violet (ST - MS)
PV16 Manganese Violet (ST - LS)
PV19 Quinacridone Rose (ST - S)
PV19 Quin. Violet/ Perm. Magenta (ST - HS)
PV23 Winsor Violet or Dioxazine Violet (ST - HS)
PV32 Bordeaux (ST - HS)
PV37 Dioxazine Violet (ST - HS)
PV42 Quinacridone Pink (ST - HS)
PB15:1 Winsor Blue RS or Phthalo Blue (T - HS)
PB15:3 Winsor Blue GS or Phthalo Blue (T - HS)
PB16 Marine Blue or Turquoise (ST - HS)
PB17 Peacock Blue (ST - S)
PB27 Prussian Blue (ST - S)
PB28 Cobalt Blue (ST - MS)
PB29 Ultramarine or French Ultramarine (ST - S)
PG7 W. Green BS or Phthalo Green BS (T - HS)
PG19 Cobalt Green (ST - S)
PG36 W. Green YS or Phthalo Green YS (T - S)
PBr7 Raw Umber (ST - S)
PBr25 Perm. Brown (T - HS)
PBR41 Translucent Brown (ST - HS)
PG50 Cobalt Teal/Cobalt Green (SO - MS)
PBr24 Naples Yellow Deep (O - S)
PG50 Cobalt Teal/Cobalt Green (SO - MS)
PBr24 Naples Yellow Deep (O - S)

Transparent Non-Staining
PV49 Cobalt Violet (ST - G)
PBr7 Raw Sienna (SO - NS - G)
PO65 Golden Barok Red (SO - NS - G) 


Granulating Pigments
PY42 Mars Yellow/ Gold Ochre (O - S - G)
PY43 Yellow Ochre (SO - MS - G)
PY150 Nickel Azo Y/ Translucent Yellow (ST - G)
PO48 Quinacridone Burnt Gold (T -S - G)
PO49 Quinacridone Gold (T - S - G)
PO65 Golden Barok Red (SO - NS -G)
PV49 Cobalt Violet (ST - G)
PB33 Manganese Blue (SO - LS - G)
PB36 Cerulean Blue/Cobalt Turq. (SO - MS -G)
PG18 Viridian (T - MS)
PG23 Terre Verte/ Bohemian G Earth (ST - LS)
PBr7 Raw Sienna (SO - NS - G)
Burnt Sienna (SO - G)
Pbr11 Lurnar Earth (O - LS - G)
PBr33 Walnut Brown (O - S - G)
PR101 Indian Red/ Venetian Red (O - S - G)

Most Blacks are Granulating


Semi-opaque to Opaque Pigments
PY35 Cadmium Yellows (SO - S)
Naples Yellow
PY53 Nickel Titanate (SO - S)
PY83 Scheveningen Yellow (SO - MS)
PY108 Indian Yellow/Gamboge Modern (SO - MS)
PY184 Scheveningen Yellow (SO - MS)
PO20 Cadmium Orange (SO - HS)
PO36 Permanent Vermilion (SO - S)
PO43 Perinone Oragne/Orange Lake (SO - S)
PO62 Winsor Orange/ Perm. Orange (SO - S)
PO65 Golden Barok Red (SO - NS -G)
PO67 Coral Orange (O - MS)
PO69 Scheveningen Orange (O - MS)
PO71 Translucent Orange (O - S)
PO73 Warm Orange (O - HS)
PR108 Cadmium Red (O - S)
PR149 Perylene Scarlet (SO - S)
PR170 Perm. Red/Carmine/Dark Red (SO - HS)
PR178 Perylene Red (SO - HS)
PR214 Scheveningen Red Deep (SO - MS)
PR 251 Permanent Red (SO - S)
PR254 Winsor Red/Sandal Red/Pyrrol Red (SO - HS)
PR260 Vermilion Extra (SO - MS)
PB60 Indanthrone Blue (SO - HS)
PB73 Cobalt Blue Deep (SO - MS)
PG17 Oxide of Chromium (O - HS)

Most Whites are Opaque