Cyber Corner

Wild Online 

By Libby Kyer 

Originally appeared in The Botanical Artist – Volume 16, Issue 3


I know that you love wildflowers, seek them out, paint their pictures, photograph them and worry about their viability in as habitats change and climates change. Don’t you? 

If you are an artist who wants to contribute to the health and well-being of wildflowers, but simply don’t know where to start, here are some resources online to help you realize your dreams of getting a little wild.  

First, in your search engine (still happy with Google here!) enter wildflowers + (a location), for example, Denver. Doing so, I find: A labor of love website that has images of over 200 Rocky Mountain flowers, with info about where to find them. Or, go to Information about wildflower hikes in the Denver area, that provides maps, close up views of a trail’s ups and downs, obstacles to progress, and methods for success for finding wildflowers in the Denver area, including the foothills of the Rockies and some high mountain helpful hints. 

This is not a Colorado phenomenon. Try the search again with wildflowers + your state. You’ll find many resources to finding, identifying, and picturing wildflowers. This is a lovely site for everything wildflower – habitats by region, wildflowers by color, wildflowers by botanical name, wildflower histories, endangered plant information and much, much more. This commercial site provides a onestop area for finding, identifying, photographing, learning about and even purchasing some of the most famous Texas wildflowers, as well as some rare plants. You may visit their acreage at any time to learn, draw, and fall in love with wildflowers and their propagation. 

Again, to find vendors and growers in your area, try a search on wildflower seeds or wildflower farms by your region. You can enjoy the beauty of wildflowers without the time it takes to search them out in the true wild. For the botanical artist, this can be a real help, especially if you’re somewhat city-bound. 

There are a lot of other wildflower sites out there, and a few innovative search combinations can take you out into the wild world of wildflowers without leaving the studio. I also encourage you to seek out these botanical gems where they grow. You will fall in love, and bring a whole new world into your art.   

  • Wild Seed Farms cheerful image invites you into their website.