To Facebook or Not to Facebook

ASBA has launched a new service to members, opening a Facebook page to chronicle our activities, record thoughts, update members quickly with current/breaking information, and connect to new interested persons in the greater online world.

What does this mean to you? Actually, I don’t know. I have a Facebook page, which recently was taken over by Facebook’s formatting changes to become a “time-line,” page, recording everything ever entered into my Facebook page in chronological order. It’s to make info and images easier to find and use, I am told. I am not yet convinced, but I must grudgingly admit, it does seem to be easier to find stuff.

I do know that everyone with whom you want to communicate uses one form or another of social networking.  I don’t think we have enough time in this article to discuss the dynamics of communications in a post- Facebook/Twitter/Tumbler world. We just have to decide how we’re going to interact. No point in fighting it, so perhaps now is the time to really learn what this is about, how to control what appears, and security measures.

I have to admit, I’m something of a control freak, and I do not believe I have enough information to feel that I have any control over my own Facebook account. I also know I connect with other artists, friends and family, political activities, occasional touching, funny or just plain hilarious videos, and other activities several times a week through Facebook. So far, I’m feeling OK just riding along the Facebook rails. 

And yet, the control freak in me wants, well… control. In an effort to better understand my own Facebook presence, I have done some research, which may interest you. I went to some sites that purport to know everything I want to know! And I found one that really seems to be able to do that:  Go to In the search space, enter Facebook and hit the search button. The first offering you’ll find in the returned results is: Facebook Essential Training. Click on that.  Voila! There are about three hour’s give-or-take of easy to follow, step-by-step discussions and tutorials that tell you every thing you might want to know about a personal profile and home page, or business pages, or managing friends, and certainly, most importantly, about managing security. 

In honor of this neat site, and to prove I have actually learned what is taught, I offer you this screen capture of my new Timeline home page.  I’m pretty happy with this, but when I’m not pretty happy anymore, or just bored with the image, I can change it easily. 

Don’t you want to know how to do that, and how to manage friends (somewhat like herding virtual cats until Facebook) in tidy files, and search for people, places, events or things that might matter to you? Get out there and with the help of, you can become meister of your own Cyberworld