Grant Award & Project Presentations at 2015 Conference

Heidi Snyder and Dorothy DePaulo of Lakewood, CO presented the results of their 2014 project to raise awareness of urban wildlife in their area.  Dorothy and Heidi published a book Wild in the City , featuring their beautiful art. The culmination of years of research and work, Wild in the City includes plants, animals and environments. The book is an inspiration for the high quality and meaningful projects that can be accomplished with the help of an ASBA grant. Two exhibitions featured educational materials promoting family-friendly interactions with urban wildlife.  Wild in the City is available on

In 2016, ASBA will offer up to two $3000 grants.  We hope the potential of these two possible grants will encourage applicants to expand their options and scope of project ideas.

If you or your group has an idea for a project, consider applying for one of the ASBA Artist and Education Grants. Project examples may include a book, teaching plan, teaching materials, conservation effort, a brochure, or an exhibit. The project goal could educate the public in the techniques, history, plants, conservation, science or awareness with regards to botanical illustration. Please view the Guidelines on the website or feel free to contact Myra Sourkes who can offer encouragement and support. Application deadline is August 1, 2016.


  • Attendees at the Wild in the City exhibit opening at Valkarie Gallery, Lakewood, CO
  • Quercus macrocarpa, Bur Oak , colored pencil on film, (C) Dorothy DePaulo 2014
  • Viburnum trilobum, American cranberrybush, (C) Heidi Snyder 2014
  • Heidi Snyder and Dorothy DePaulo at their second exhibit opening at the Ritchie Gallery