Hang it Up

Exhibitions Policy Change 

By Carol Woodin

Originally appeared in The Botanical Artist – Volume 15, Issue 4


The Exhibitions Committee has voted to levy an additional charge for artwork received for exhibition in out of-spec framing. This is to defray the costs in time and transportation to reframe or remat works to bring them up to requirements. Current policy states that, if an artwork is received with an out-of-spec frame or matting, the artist has two options: 

1) Remove the artwork from the exhibition; or
2) ASBA will arrange reframing or re-matting, at the artist’s expense. 

These options remain, however if the artist chooses Option 2, in addition to paying for the framing changes required, the artist will be assessed another $100 handling fee if the work is to remain in the exhibition. 

Framing for ASBA Exhibitions 

Out-of-spec mats and frames continue to appear at ASBA Exhibitions. We are aware of the cost of framing artwork, and so we attempt to maintain the ASBA standard consistently. However, there are times when a given venue will ask for a different or stricter standard. 

Please, carefully read the framing requirements for each exhibition’s call for entries.  

If your artwork is accepted, the framing requirements will be spelled out in detail in the acceptance letter. Our framing standards are meant to conform to most galleries’ requirements, and to provide our exhibitions with a unified look when all artworks are hung together.  

If you wish to have your artwork hung once accepted, you can avoid having your work removed from exhibition or incurring additional expenses for reframing or re-matting by following a few simple rules.


Acceptable wood finishes are light to medium brown or gold. L-profile means flat top and flat sides, no fillets or rounds, no multiple steps, no metal frames. Frames must be professional quality. Sometimes frames are received that are composite material with a vinyl faux-wood covering. Please use a better quality, solid wood frame. Often frames are received that have been damaged during repeated exhibitions, both marked up and with damaged corner joints. Please be sure your frame is in good condition when it is shipped, and please pack it carefully. If your framer believes your artwork will look better in another type of frame, do not send that frame to an ASBA exhibition. Almost every framing shop carries these gallery frames, and they are available via most on-line framing sources. 


We ask for white or off-white mats only, no colored mats, no colored, black, or grey liner mats, and no gold mat liners.  


Artworks must be properly wired for hanging.to as a gallery frame). No sawtooth hangers.

  • Inexpensive composite frame showing artificial distressing and decorative finish, as well as a profile with several steps on the face. This frame is not acceptable for ASBA exhibits.
  • This gold frame has an L-profile, but it is a metal frame with a decorative finish. Only wood frames are allowed.
  • This frame is perfect; it is light wood, it is a gallery profile, it is high quality, and the mat is an off white.
  • This frame is also perfect; it is medium brown wood, it is of high quality, and the mat is an off-white, with no colored liner mats.
  • This frame is out of spec, although it is medium brown wood and of good quality, it is not an L-profile frame, it has a rounded top and additional detailing along the outside.
  • This high quality gold frame has multiple steps in the profile, and it is not allowed.
  • An approved wired hanger. Loose-ring wired hangers are also good.