Originally Appeared in The Botanical Artist - Volume 18, Issue 3

Kusakaya, the Bulletin of JABI, recently published its 2011 annual summary, celebrating 20 years of art, illustration and collegial relations amongst its many members.  President, Ms. Ukiko Ueda, has generously donated a copy of this celbratory work for the ASBA Library.  Many JABI members are also members of ASBA, and their works are seen in many of our exhibitions around the US.

In a congratulatory note included in Kusakaya, Dick Rauh, Past President of ASBA states, "The quality of botanical art has grown exponentially in those twenty years." He points out that Japanese botanical artists share our goals, to present nature in art, and to educate the public to the peril and fragility of growing things.

In addition, Ms. Ukiko Ueda also presented ASBA with a copy of the exhibition catalog for JABI's 14th Exhibition of Botanical Illustration.  The works are varied, beautifully detailed and sumptuously colored.  Many thanks to Ms. Ueda and the JABI members for remembering us in their banner year.


  • Ginkgo biloba by Takeko Yamamoto, from the 14th JABI exhibition