Madonna Paintings

Margaret Farr has been doing Madonna paintings “on the side” for 20 years or so. She tells us it definitely branched out from botanicals, and, in fact, always completes the plant life in the painting before turning to the figure. She finds that plants are her “security blanket.” Once she’s spent a hundred hours of working on the botanicals, she won’t dare mess up the “harder part!” 

Botanical icons stand in a long continuum in the combination of botanical and religious painting. Every Flemish “Annunciation” paid homage to the least little weed in the scene. The plants portrayed in her own works frequently are seasonal cues to Mary’s feast days. For instance, Regina Caeli Laetare(in a private collection), refers to the Feast of the Annunciation on March 25, so all of the plants are ones that appear in Northern Virginia in very early spring. 

Margaret was excited to see this new feature that focuses on unique settings for botanical art, and hopes we see a connection, as she does, with botanicals through the ages. She is happy to bring her secret passion “out of the closet” and bring botanical subjects to a wider audience. 

  • Regina Caeli Laetare watercolor and gilt on paper © Margaret Farr 2011