Native Pennsylvania, A Wildflower Walk

Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
March 2 to June 29, 2012 

Native wildflowers of Pennsylvania will be featured in a collaborative exhibition between the Hunt Institute and the Botany department at Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Thirty-six wildflower watercolors by Richard Crist (1909–1985) from the Institute’s collection illustrate the simplicity and beauty of our native species. Coupled with Carnegie’s significant herbarium specimens, these pieces combine to create a visual wildflower walk through Pennsylvania’s blooming seasons with a focus on endangered, rare and threatened species within our state. Additional watercolors by artists Lyn Hayden and Andrey Avinoff (1884– 1949) also underscore the exhibition’s emphasis on the importance of herbaria and their contributions toward research, education and conservation. 

Contact: Lugene Bruno, Curator of Art, and Cate Hammond, Assistant Curator of Art, PH: 412.268.2434; email: 


  • Habenaria fimbriata peramoena, Large purple fringed [sic] orchis [Platanthera peramoena (A. Gray) A. Gray, purple fringeless orchid, Orchidaceae (orchid family)], watercolor on paper by Richard Crist (1909–1985), HI Art accession no. 6615.309, 24x31.5