New York Times Highlights New Peanut Campaign

March 31, 2014
The New York Times ran a story Peanuts Come Out of Their Shells by Proclaiming Their ‘Powerful’ Properties by Stuart Elliot covering the new campaign from the National Peanut Board, now getting underway. 
To help the new ads stand out, the creative agency producing the campaign brought in two botanical artists, (ASBA Members) Wendy Hollender and Rose Pellicano, to draw peanut plants. The drawings are paired with photographs by Chris Crisman of people in the target audience for peanuts and peanut butter: women, mothers, children and older consumers who are interested in health and wellness.
In the article the managing director of the agency praises the plant drawings as “beautiful” and “arresting,” citing “the vibrant look, the green.”
Combine them with the photos of the people “who benefit” from eating peanuts, he adds, and “it takes peanuts up the ladder of health and wellness.”
Read the full article online HERE.
  • A new ad campaign incorporates drawings by ASBA member botanical artists
  • Artist Wendy Hollender posing with an ad from the campaign in the New York City subway.