What We Collect: Recent Art Acquisitions

Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation
5th Floor, Hunt Library, Carnegie Mellon University, 4909 Frew Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890

March 22 - June 30, 2013

This selection of recent acquisitions to the Art Department of the Hunt Institute, from the early 19th century through the present, will be placed in the context of the Institute’s collection practices and the history of botanical illustration. Whether working alongside botanists for scientific and horticultural publications or preparing artworks for collectors, galleries or commercial use, artists throughout the centuries have added their individual perspectives to portraying plants and have made lasting contributions to the botanical record and the history of art. The contemporary artists featured include Bobbie Angell, Wendy Brockman, John Cody, Felicity Rose Cole, Carolyn Crawford, John Doughty, Beverly Duncan, Josephine Elwes Ewes, Alison Gianangeli, Janice Glimn-Lacy, Audrey Hardcastle, Lizzie Harper, Christina Hart-Davies, Lyn Hayden, Brigette Kohlmeyer, Job Kuijt, Donelda LaBrake, Peter Loewer, Susan G. Monden, Susan Ogilvy, Kandis Phillips, Mary Rankin,
Thomas Reaume, Eva Stockhaus, Jessica Tcherepnine, Julia Trickey, Denise Walser- Kolar, John Wilkinson and Sun Yingbao.

Contact: Lugene Bruno, Curator of Art;
PH: 412-268-2434;
email: huntinst@andrew.

  • Rumex obtusifolius Linnaeus, Polygonaceae Rumex obtusifolius leaf, watercolor, 36"x55", © Julia Trickey 2006