Call for Entries: BISCOT Botanical Images Scotia

An Exhibition of Botanical Painting and Illustration in Edinburgh, Scotland


Botanical Images Scotia (BISCOT) is a juried botanical art exhibition which takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland every year. It is an international exhibition which over the years has welcomed some of the best botanical artists from around the world.
Working together, BISCOT, The Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society and The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh provide an opportunity for botanical artists and illustrators to exhibit at two locations in Edinburgh – Gardening Scotland and the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.
We are always looking for new and exciting artists to come and exhibit in Edinburgh, and BISCOT is now calling for assessment entries of botanical painting and illustration to qualify for eligibility to show at BISCOT in 2018.
A successful assessment in May 2017 bestows eligibility for showing in subsequent years.
The BISCOT exhibition is held at Gardening Scotland under the auspices of the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society and in conjunction with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. This Scottish based exhibition aims to promote excellence in botanical painting and illustration.
An assessment form can be downloaded from the BISCOT website


Submission Deadline

May 19, 2017


Gardening Scotland and the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Scotland


Entry is open to all artists whose work has been submitted and approved by the BISCOT assessment panel. These successful artists may apply for space to exhibit in subsequent years. Exceptionally, artists may be invited to exhibit without assessment. BISCOT reserves the right to reject work which it considers unsuitable, e.g. sub-standard to that sent for assessment or presented other than as described in the rules and regulations. The number of artists will be limited to the space available. Acceptable sizes are below. Size really does matter!


The subject must be a botanical species

Media Accepted:

Entries are to be two-dimensional, original botanical artwork. Watercolour is the preferred medium however coloured pencil, gouache, graphite and ink are also accepted.


Number artworks per entry: 4
UK residents are required to submit 4 original works. Non UK residents are required to send 4 jpeg images, via CD or USB (minimum 300dpi resolution). All files must be labelled with the title, artist’s name, size of the artwork when mounted and have an arrow pointing to the top right hand corner of the work and a scale indicator if necessary. The application form and work is to be sent to: BISCOT ASSESSMENT SUBMISSION c/o The Education Department, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh 20A Inverleith Row, Edinburgh EH3 5LR, Scotland, United Kingdom

The maximum size is 36” x 30” h x w (91.5cm x 76cm) when mounted. Larger formats will be rejected.

These are chosen from suitably experienced artists and botanists
Shipping Insurance
Notes regarding insurance, packaging and labelling can be downloaded from the BISCOT website
BISCOT is competitive and certificates are awarded in Gold, Silver-gilt, Silver and Bronze categories. The unique silver Mary Mendum Medal may be awarded for an exhibit of exceptional quality.
For further information please contact Lyn Campbell at or visit the BISCOT website,
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