Hierbas Curativas- Healing Herbs of the Mexican Curandero Tradition

Solo Exhibit by Lotus McElfish

Rockport Center for the Arts, Rockport TX

September 10-October 8th

There are so many herbs, but I chose twelve for this series with the help of a curandero, Don Jacinto Madigral. I heard a presentation given by him and his translator/colleague, Dr Elizabeth de la Portilla, author of "They All want Magic; Curanderas and Folk Healing" on their sacred traditions.  I walked away with the Mexican Mint Marigold plant knowing right then that I wanted to do respectful botanical paintings of these heabs representing their tradition.  I discovered botanicas and curanderismo (there is a large community in San Antonio, TX) viewed a copy of the rare 1552 Badianus Manuscript containing ancient Aztec artwork of herbs (Mexican Mint Marigold being one of them) and learned that for hundreds of years, indigenous healing wisdom has been passed on- this exhibit is to honor that.

  • Limited Edition (50) Handmade Accordion Book with a Zapotec Weaving and Leather Pouch
  • Limited Edition (25) Boxed Set of Six Partera Herbs
  • Educational Legend for Artwork
  • One of Twelve Herbs. Dragon's Blood- Jatropha dioica