Portraits of a Garden, Brooklyn Botanic Garden Florilegium

Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, 5th Floor, Hunt Library, Carnegie Mellon University, 4909 Frew Street, Pittsburgh, PA

21 September–16 December 2012

This exhibition showcases 48 American botanical artists who are revitalizing the centuries-old tradition of the florilegium by creating a lasting archive of watercolors and drawings of the plants growing at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG). This selection of original artwork, on loan from the BBG’s permanent collection, will be displayed with a sampling of historical printed volumes representative of the florilegium tradition from the Hunt Institute’s Library collection.

The 48 members of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Florilegium Society included in this exhibition are Francesca Anderson, Bobbi Angell, Mary Chambers Bauschelt, Chiara Becchi, Leslie Berge, Diane Bouchier, Wendy Brockman, Harriet Carotenuto, John Cody, Christina Davis, Monika E. de Vries Gohlke, Nan Dedrick, Kevin Duggan, Jean Emmons, Margaret Farr, Marilyn A. Garber, Carol E. Hamilton, Gertrude Hamilton, Paul Harwood, Wendy Hollender, Gina Ingoglia, Martha G. Kemp, Patricia Kernan, Judith Kunhardt, Libby Kyer, Dianne McElwain, Kathy Miranda, Angela Mirro, Carol Ann Morley, Adele Rossetti Morosini, Peter K. Nelson, Kate Nessler, Derek Norman, George Olson, Rose Pellicano, Kelly Leahy Radding, Lynne K. Railsback, Dick Rauh, Eleanor Lea Rohrbaugh, Mary Ryniec, Manabu Saito, Constance Sayas, Alice Tangerini, Jessica Tcherepnine, Virginia Tuttle, Catherine M. Watters, Carol Woodin and Eleanor B. Wunderlich. 

Contact: Lugene Bruno, Curator of Art, and Cate Hammond, Assistant Curator of Art,  huntinst@andrew.cmu.edu, PH: 412-268-2434,

  • Stachyurus praecox 1 [Stachyurus praecox Siebold & Zuccarini, Stachyuraceae (stachyurus family)], colored pencil on paper by Wendy Hollender, 2008, © 2008 Brooklyn Botanic Garden, All Rights Reserved