Simply There

Plant Drawings by Kate Nessler

Thornhill Gallery at Avila University
11909 Wornall Road
Kansas City, MO

September 27—October 25, 2013

Black on white, charcoal on paper, with a touch of color here and there, these drawings capture for Kate what brought her to botanical art in the first place: seeing a flower, a plant, a bloom, a bud, or a dried grape for the moment it is simply that and nothing more. The drawings carry a spontaneity, an unassuming immediacy of line and light and form, each capturing a moment of bloom or wilt, of growth or decay. The singular line of a once stately tulip stem now bends with the weight of its bloom. The delicate snowdrop, ephemeral in its modest beauty, blooms and is gone. The lotus along its water line amazes, then droops, fades, and drifts away. Each stage is its own moment of being. These drawings capture those moments when simply being is all there is, when being simply there is both elegant and elusive.

  • Summer Grapes 2