Small Works 2011

Presented by the American Society of Botanical Artists
October 27 – October 29, 2011
  • Small Works 2011 Photo by Jody Williams

This non-juried exhibition offered members attending the ASBA Annual Meeting & Conference in Boston the opportunity to exhibit their work. 

Featuring 128 tiny gems, none larger than 9"x12", the exhibition was a testimony to the remarkable talents of ASBA's member artists - from those globally recognized to those yet unsung.


Boston Marriott Newton
2345 Commonwealth Avenue
Newton, Massachusetts

Exhibition Committee

Carrie Megan, Chair
Bobbie Angell
Pam Gordon
Kay Kopper
Polly Meckel
Kelly Radding
Robin Wilkerson

Host Chapter

New England Society of Botanical Artists
Joyce Westner, President
Conference Co-Chairs:
Carole Ely
Ruth Starrett

Hyacinth Bulb © Marilyn Garber

Yara Anderson
Bobbi Angell
Susan Eastwood Ashton
Lillian Bates
Mary Bauschelt
Karla Beatty
Susan Benjamin
Diane Berndt
Bonnie Bonner
Jan Boyd Haring
Kathleen J. Brahney
Patricia Eveleth Buchanan
Ruth Elizabeth Camber
Harriet Carotenuto
Deborah Cassady
Karen Coleman
Denise P. Crowley
Joan Dalto
Jeanne Debons
Barbara A. DeGregorio
Maria Alice deRezende
Monika deVries Gohlke
Marcia T. DeWitt
Kathleen Dolan
Debra Beckel DSouza
Margaret Ellen Duarte
Joan Maps Ducore
Beverly Kathleen Duncan
Lee DZmura
Rita S. Edmunds
Carole Ely
Jean Emmons
Ingrid Finnan
Jane Christine Fisher
Virginia LeNoir Fitzpatrick
Kathy Folino
Kathy Fraughnaugh
Linda Heppes Funk
Marilyn Garber
Lara Call Gastinger
Gail Goodrich Harwood
Pamela Geer Gordon
Pria Graves
Nancy Suffolk Guerine
Carol E. Hamilton
Barbara Hanft
Gillian Harris
Kaye Diane Herbranson
Wendy Hollender
Molly Ozella Hoopes
Nancy Horrall
Julia D. Houston
Lois Jackson
Rose Marie James
Ellen J. Keane
Joan Willis Keesey
Martha G. Kemp
Ku-mie Kim
Esther R. Klahne
Karen Kluglein
Catherine M. Kopper
Corinne Lapin-Cohen
Christine Leddy
Patricia Luppino

Marilyn Maltby
Sally B. Markell
Lee McCaffree
Dorothy Gardner McCauley
Tracy McLellan
Heather McQueen
Carrie Megan
Madeline I. Merchant
Irene U. Messina
Jean Mikulla
Kathie Miranda
Anne Morrison
Marsha Ogden
Suzanne J. Oldfield
Linda Jones Oliver
John Edward Pastoriza Pinol
Carolyn Payzant
Rose Pellicano
Suellen Segal Perold
Sengmany Phommachakr
Kelly Radding
Lynne K. Railsback
W. Scott Rawlins
June Wilson Reidenberg
Cynthia Rice
Gillian Rice
Berit P. Robertson
Sarah M. Roche
Judy W. Rodgers
Eleanor Lea Rohrbaugh
Lizzie Sanders
Nancy Jean Savage
Margaret Saylor
Constance Marie Scanlon
Judith Scillia
Elaine Searle
Gilly A. Shaeffer
Deborah Shaw
Daniela Siroky
Myra Sourkes
Ruth Stuart Starratt
Lucy H. Sur
Kelly Sverduk
Marilyn Danny Swanson
Denise Swayne
Charlotte Staub Thomas
Frances M. Topping
Donna Patricia Torres
Karen Mary Tucker
Anita Pauline Turner
Carol Sue Varian
Leslie Ann Walker
Denise Walser-Kolar
Anita Walsmit Sachs
Lori Waresmith
Catherine Watters
Claire B. Watts
Joyce Westner
Carolyn Wetzel
Sandra Madeleine Whaley
Jody Leigh Williams
Carol Woodin
Mary Jane Zander


  • © Carol Woodin
  • © Kathie Miranda
  • © Barbara Hanft
  • © Julie Houston

Artist’s Choice Award:

Diospyros virginiana
American Persimmon
Carol Woodin
Watercolor on Vellum








The Anne Marie Carney Award:

Maranta sp.
Prayer Plant
Kathie Miranda
Colored Pencil on Mylar














Honorable Mention:

Paeonia suffruticosa
Barbara Hanft








Honorable Mention:

Cirrhopetalum tingabarinum
Mountain Orchid
Julia D. Houston
Colored Pencil

A reception was held on Friday evening, with conference attendees and guests enjoying the expansive collection of 128 artworks.

The first Anne Marie Carney Award was presented to Kathie Miranda by Valerie Tih, Anne Marie’s daughter.

Kathie Miranda is a Connecticut artist working in numerous media; her winning piece is colored pencil on Mylar. The Anne Marie Carney Award is given to an artist in a non-juried ASBA exhibition whose work has never been in an ASBA international juried exhibition. Not only has Kathie never been in an ASBA Juried Exhibition, she has never entered, although she did serve as a juror for the 2011 ASBA Exhibition at The Horticultural Society of New York, in New York City. In presenting the award, Valerie described her mother’s move to botanical art as the fulfillment of a dream. Anne Marie’s exuberant Painted Trillium was included in Losing Paradise? and Valerie recalled how thrilled she was to be accepted into that show. Anne Marie felt her father had died without sharing his love of singing and his beautiful voice with the world, and she did not want her dream to slip by. Now, the Anne Marie Carney Award will encourage other artists. We encourage you to enter your first exhibit. You can’t win an award unless you enter!

See "Awards" tab for other awards & winning artwork.

From left, David and Valerie Tih, Kathie Miranda and Robin Jess