How to Log In to the Website

How to Log In to the Website

  • You may want to print this page, or download and print the .pdf document at the bottom of this page to follow along as you go (or open the website in a second tab of your web browser and leave this open for reference)
  • Go to then click on "Member Login" in the upper righthand corner of the homepage or click on this link:
  • Type in your email address: (be sure you use the email account you provided ASBA when you joined/renewed)
  • Type in your Password (If you don't remember your password, or don't have one yet - create/reset your password.  How to Create a Password
  • Click "Log In"
  • You will be taken to your "Member Dashboard" where you can access all the member-only features (or visit any area of the website)
  • While you are logged in, it will say "Logged In" in the upper right corner of most pages of the website
  • You may remain logged in (even if you leave the site)
  • To reach your the member-only features on your "Member Dashboard", click on the "Member Features" link in the upper right corner of most pages on the website

NOTE: some menu options are only visible when you are logged in to the site - don't miss out, Log In!  

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