How to Create/Update Your Online User Account

How to Create and/or update your "Online User Account":

  • You may want to print this page, or download and print the .pdf document at the bottom of this page to follow along as you go (or open the website in a second tab of your web browser and leave this open for reference)
  • If you're already logged in (it says "Logged In" in the upper right corner of the Home Page), Click on the "Member Features" link
  • If you're not, log in to the website (How to Log In)
  • From your "Member Dashboard" click on "Edit your Online User Account" in the list of links
  • Review the optional information in your online user account including:
    • Directory Instructions
    • Artists' Circle Affiliation
    • Nickname
    • Personal Webpage Options
    • Artistic Interests
  • Add any missing information
  • Correct any erroneous or outdated information
  • If you're unsure about how to complete the form, read the hints below each item
  • SAVE your changes
  • From your "Member Dashboard" click on "Edit your Contact Information" in the list of links
  • Review your shipping and billling addresses and update if needed. NOTE: If you have seasonal residences, you may change the shipping address in your address book at any time during the year so that your issue of The Botanical Artist quarterly journal will be mailed to you at your seasonal address.
  • Your Online User Account and Contact information is used
    • In the printed & online Member Directory (online directory is accessible by members only),
    • To mail your copies of the quarterly journal and annual Member Directory (using your Shipping Address), and
    • To notify you by email about important news during the year:
  • SAVE your changes.  


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