How To Create a Password

How To Create (or Reset) a Password 

  • You may want to print this page, or download and print the .pdf document at the bottom of this page to follow along as you go (or open the website in a second tab of your web browser and leave this open for reference)
  • Go to then click on "Member Login" in the upper righthand corner of the homepage or click on this link:
  • Click on "Request New Password"
  • Type in your email address: (be sure you use the email address you provided ASBA when you joined/renewed)
  • Click "Email New Password" 
  • You will immediately* receive an email message from
  • Click on the link provided in the email
  • Click on "Login"
  • Enter and confirm a password
  • Write your password down!
  • Select your time zone setting (optional)
  • Click "Save" which returns you to the same screen with the phrase "The changes have been saved" at the top
  • Click on "Home" (the little bitty link in the upper left "breadcrumb trail") to got to the Home Page
  • Click on "Member Features" (from the Home Page or anywhere on the site after you are logged in) to get to your "Member Dashboard" where you can access all the "member-only" features.

(If you ever forget your password, you can always make a new one by repeating the steps above)

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