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Chapter membership is optional.  An ASBA Individual Membership is required to be eligible for chapter membership. Click on a chapter below to add chapter dues to your "cart".

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2018 Chapter Memberships*

Beginning with the 2014 Membership Year, all membership dues (both ASBA & Chapter dues) will be collected by ASBA and may be paid online here.  Chapter dues are set by each chapter. ASBA returns all chapter dues and a portion of your national dues to your chapter to support your chapter's local programs to advance the ASBA's mission.

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If you spend time during the year in different parts of the country, you may choose to join more than one chapter. ASBA returns all chapter dues and a portion of your national dues to up to two chapters of which you are a member to support each Chapter's efforts to forward the mission of ASBA to promote public awareness of contemporary botanical art, to honoring its traditions and to furthering its development. 

NOTE: "Artists Circles" are regional groups of artists that have an informal relationship with ASBA.  Contact each Artist Circle directly for information about dues and membership in an Artist Circle. 

For more information contact or call 866-691-9080.