If you ever have difficulty finding the information you’re looking for on the ASBA website, all you need is a keyword, an internet browser and Google to quickly search the entire ASBA website. Here’s how:

1.        On your computer or mobile device, go to Google.com to open Google’s search page

2.       In the Google search field, type site:asba-art.org followed by the keyword(s) you’d like to search for on the ASBA site.  (Note: It’s important to type site:asba-art.org.  Doing this will limit your search only to the ASBA website and not bring up irrelevant results from other websites.)

3.       Hit Enter

4.       Links to all of the pages on the ASBA site that contain your keyword(s) will be displayed

5.       Review the Google list of displayed links (search results) and click on the link that seems the closest match to what you are looking for

For example: To find the ASBA Member Gallery type:

site:asba-art.org gallery, or if you’re looking for a specific member in the member gallery you can type:

site:asba-art.org gallery member name

To find Class Listings you can type:

Site:asba-art.org classes