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Gilly Shaeffer

Southern California Black Walnut
Juglans californica
Completed: © September 2016

These California Black Walnut trees grow in the canyons and on the hillsides in Southern California.  What inspired me to paint this California native plant are the long strands of tiny flowers that appear in the spring before the nuts develop.   This painting shows both the very young nuts forming and the mature strands of flowers called catkins.

This plant is included in the California Native Plant Society’s Inventory of Rare and Endangered Plants.

Gillian Rice

Oak leaf and acorn
Quercus sp.
Watercolor on paper
Completed: © December 2016

I’m a low desert dweller from Phoenix; I especially enjoy the ASBA conference when it’s up north in Pittsburgh. I have the chance to experience early autumn as I recall it growing up in England. Autumn colors have always been my favorite and I loved slushing through the fallen leaves as a child – and still do! Deciduous trees fill the area surrounding the Pittsburgh conference hotel and on my daily walks I can’t resist collecting leaves and acorns from the paths. I chose this one to paint because although it had fallen, it had not yet turned color completely. Attending the conference also inspires and motivates me and so I tried to incorporate some of the learning from my 2016 conference workshops.

Gillian Rice

Rhonda Nass

Before the Fruit, the Color Fanfare / Crab Apple
Acrylic on canvas
Completed: © October 2016

This painting was birthed in my head when a crab apple’s show-stopping color range in leaves and blooms grabbed my attention. The brilliance of the palette was exaggerated as the morning sun splashed a backlit path through the leaves and flower petals. I thought of the Creator behind His creation and had to capture the moment.

Rhonda Nass


Leslie Watkins

Autumn Garden- Blueberry, vaccinium, Winterberry Holly, ilex verticillata, and ‘Hillside Sheffield Pink’ chrysanthemum
© 2016
Watercolor on Kelmscott vellum
Completed: November 2016

I started this painting of plants from my garden in the vellum workshop presented by Dianne Sutherland on November 4, 2016. It’s my very first time working on calfskin vellum. The plants are an unknown cultivar of Blueberry, vaccinium, Winterberry Holly, ilex verticillata, and ‘Hillside Sheffield Pink’ chrysanthemum, a selection by my good friend and horticulturist Mary Ann McGourty. The Sheffield Pinks have a great vase life as well as a long bloom time in the garden. They will tolerate light frosts and continue to give a spectacular display right up to the first hard frost of the year. I love the autumn garden and observing the graceful decline of the plants as winter approaches.

Leslie Watkins

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