Buying Art

Advice for the Collector

Anyone can begin collecting botanical art... 

  • Look at lots of art, you'll start to become aware of you personal taste
  • Note the medium used (watercolor, colored pencil, etc.) and the substrate (paper, vellum, etc.) you may develop a preference
  • Look at multiple works by the same artist to get a sense of an artist's style, follow those whose work you like
  • Look at original art whenever possible.  There is a remarkable difference between the original and even today's high quality prints or what you see online
  • Attend exhibitions of original works
  • Attend opening receptions for exhibitions - you often have an opportunity to meet the artists
  • Ask about the story behind the work
  • Look for quality - scientific accuracy, consistent depiction of the direction of light, tight detail work
  • Buy what you like
  • When your budget is limited, consider smaller, less complex works of higher quality rather than larger, more complex works of lower quality
  • Consider purchasing pieces that fit a theme to give cohesiveness to your collection
  • Insist on archival quality framing
  • CyclamenWatercolor© Heeyoung Kim