Fostering an Appreciation of Botanical Art

ASBA offers a presentation Botanical Art: A Continuing Tradition appropriate for presenting to civic and educational groups.

A script and accompanying images cover botanical art from its early history through the work of today's contemporary artists.  

More information is available in the downloadable .pdf document below.

The presentation is available on a USB drive for a suggested minimum donation of $50 per engagement plus a $15 handling fee. You may specify an alternative donation amount. Any size donation is appreciated.  Considerations for the size of your donation might be a smaller donation for small, non-profits, with limited funds, more for larger groups, where an admission is charged or an honorarium is being paid.

To order the presentation please follow the instructions below:

     1. Click HERE to add the $15 handling fee to your shopping cart

     2. To make the suggested minimum donation of $50 (per engagement), click HERE to add a $50 donation and proceed to checkout

                                                  - OR - 

     3. To donate an amount other than the suggested minimum, click HERE to add an alternative donation amount and proceed to checkout.  (Note that the default donation amount in your shopping cart will be $1.  Please update the quantity in your shopping cart to reflect the total amount of your donation.  For example, for a $75 donation, enter 75 in the Qty field in your shopping cart before checking out.)

If you would prefer not to order the presentation on line, please send an email to Please include the following information with your request: your name, name of organization/audience to whom you will be presenting, estimated number in attendance, whether you are an ASBA member, if an admission will be charged, if you will be receiving a speaker's fee.  

Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.


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