Teacher Directory: Dianne Sutherland


BSc Hons Biology, SBA, Dip Bot Art SBA, CBM

After leaving art school in the early 80's I trained as a ceramic design technician in the Royal Albert Design studio in Staffordshire. This was where I was trained to paint highly detailed floral work onto china.

I moved to the North East of Scotland in the late 1980's and worked as a freelance artist and illustrator, over the years my work became more focused on botanical subjects. To improve my knowledge of plants I undertook a BSc Honours in Biology at the University of Aberdeen, focusing on floral morphology and reproductive success in flowering plants, which was followed by undertaking an, MSc in IT. After leaving university I worked in education and as a freelance education consultant, which involved developing teaching materials for young people. I completed the Society of Botanical Artists Distance Learning Diploma in 2011, graduating with distinction and returned to working as a full time artist and tutor.

I exhibit nationally and internationally and have received several awards for my work, have highly commended twice for the Society of Botanical Artist's Joyce Cumming Award and awarded a Certificate of Botanical Merit in 2010. I became a fully elected member of the SBA in 2012. I have 4 RHS Silver medals for my work. I have work in the permanent collection at the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Pittsburgh. My work is focused largely on on British and European species, I work in graphite and watercolour on paper and vellum.

I hope my combined experience as a working artist, combined with formal training and work in education gives me a good grounding as a botanical art tutor.



Staffordshire United Kingdom


Phone: 01538 722292 Email: info@botanicalart-online.com Website: www.botanicalart-online.com


Graphite, watercolour and watercolour on vellum


My own work is focused largely on native species and dead and decaying plant matter, which I often paint on vellum. My emphasis is in teaching the foundations and techniques that underpin the work of botanical students while allowing each student to develop their own style. I also teach with an emphasis on botanical work rather than floral painting. I am qualified in biology and plant morphology but not a botanist, however I place a strong emphasis on botanical accuracy and reseach of the subject material.


Teaches BotanyTeaches Adults Critiques offered by mail


Most of my tuition is deliverd on-line. Courses include video demonstrations and printable texts via a password protected website. I give live (via Skype) or email feedback and tutorials. I occasionally give 'in person' tuition but try to focus on delivering tuition to individuals who might otherwise find it difficult to attend classes.