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In a sense, there’s no such thing as a good or poor botanical painting.  A picture should be pleasing to the eye and stir the emotions of the beholder. Subtle details have the ability to evoke great passion and it is precisely these details, and the precision required in observing and capturing these on paper, that spark Katja Katholing-Bloss’ enthusiasm for her work.

For over a decade the artist, a native of Hof, Germany has lived overseas. Her artistic pursuits took her first to Ross-on-Wye in England then to Sydney, Australia and finally back to the UK. Until her return to Germany in 2015 “KKB”, as she’s affectionately known by her friends, taught botanical art at the Hereford College of Technology in England. In 2011 Katja had her first solo exhibition in her home town of Hof/Germany. Her commissioned work has been sold as far afield as Dubai, with a number of her other paintings also in private ownership worldwide. She offers 1-2-1 tuition and workshops and tries to help people to become interested in Botanical Illustration in Germany. 

So far she has had her work in several exhibitions, including the Hereford Courtyard Theatre, the Palace Art Fest Hereford, Exhibitions with Beckford's Fine Art at Wilton Castle and Ludlow Castle, "Nature-in-Art" in Gloucestershire as well as at the annual exhibition of the Society of Botanical Artists in London. 

She is a member of the Gloucestershire Society of Botanical Artists (G.S.B.I.) as well as the American Society of Botanical Artists (A.S.B.A.). 


Bayreuth, Bavaria Germany


Phone: +49 176 45681150 Email: katja.katholingbloss@gmail.com Website: http://www.katjakatholing-bloss.com


Graphite and Watercolor (Paper & Vellum)


My focus is painting and drawing fruits, vegetables and flowers in detail.


Gloucestershire Society for Botanical Illustration (G.S.B.I.) - England


Own StudioTeaches Adults Critiques offered by mail

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Workshops and Classes are suitable for beginners and intermediate students. Private lessons for one person or a small group.