Teacher Directory: Molly O. Hoopes


With a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art, a Master of Arts in Teaching, and Maryland and Washington state teacher certification in Biology, I have spent 6 years teaching science to adolescents and young adults, 4 1/2 years teaching art in a psychiatric rehabilitation facility, and 9 years teaching after-school, summer camp, and homeschool classes about Nature and Environmental Education through art activities.  I enjoy hiking through the woods of Baltimore, observing wildlife, taking photos of pollinators, and drawing flowers.  My medium of choice is graphite and watercolor, but I am starting to experiment with scratchboard.  Secretary of Forests for Monarchs, an organization that plants trees in and near the monarch butterflies' wintering grounds in Mexico, I teach workshops about the endangered phenomenon of monarch butterfly migration. 

I am available to facilitate Nature and Art birthday parties, after-school programs, summer camps, teen or adult workshops, homeschool enrichment classes, interpretive Nature hikes, Nature Preschool activities, and field trips to Mexico to see and draw monarch butterflies and tropical plants.


Baltimore, Maryland USA


Phone: (410) 622-9959 Email: mollyohinparadise@yahoo.com Website: http://natureandartforwellness.com/


Watercolor, Graphite, Scratchboard


Conservation Biology, and Getting Kids and other people out into Nature


Forests for Monarchs


Teaches BotanyOwn StudioTeaches AdultsTeaches Children Ages All ages Critiques offered

Travel Range

Mostly Baltimore, also Michoacan, Mexico, and anywhere in between