Chapters & Circles

ASBA Chapters and Artists' Circles provide local programming and opportunities for artists to interact with others in their area.

You may further collaborate with ASBA by joining either an ASBA Chapter, which is a legal entity of ASBA, and/or an Artists’ Circle, which is a group of mostly ASBA members but without a legal affiliation with ASBA.
ASBA Chapters are not-for-profit or non-profit formalized associations of ASBA members within a geographic region which establish an organizational framework to provide their members with:
•  A local setting which encourages and facilitates sharing and friendships among artists
•  Local exhibitions – juried and non-juried (artworks should comply with the ASBA’s scientific, aesthetic and artistic guidelines)
•  Local workshops and presentations
•  Fund-raising support for local activities (made possible by the chapter’s non-profit or not-for-profit status)
•  A listing in the ASBA journal or on its website for contact purposes and to create awareness of the chapter’s existence
•  Identification of the chapter as an ASBA-affiliated entity, and use of the ASBA name and logo on chapter materials to promote the chapter’s activities
To form a chapter, ASBA requires your group to:
•  Create by-laws that are ASBA-approved
•  Register as a non-profit or not-for-profit entity in a state in its region.
ASBA recommends incorporating and recommends purchasing Directors and Officers insurance.
•  Elect a President, Secretary and Treasurer
•  Hold a minimum of one meeting annually
•  Be comprised of at least five members
•  Provide an annual report to the ASBA Board of Directors
•  All chapter members must be ASBA members. Both dues are paid to ASBA and distributed back to the chapter.
•  Use the ASBA name and logo on any printed material or electronic media
Artists’ Circles are independent associations with a mutual interest in botanical art whose participants may be comprised of primarily ASBA members (who receive the benefits of individual membership) and non-members (who do not). Artists’ Circles do not receive Chapter benefits but may use The Botanical Artist and the ASBA website to list one or two ASBA members as contact persons in order to create awareness of the Artists’ Circle’s existence.
See if there's a chapter or circle in your area and click the link below for contact information.

Membership and Contact Information

ASBA Chapters

Allegheny Highlands Botanical Art Society (Western Pennsylvania)
Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California
Botanical Art Society of the National Capital Region
Florida Society of Botanical Artists
Great River Chapter (Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota)
New England Society of Botanical Artists
Northern California Society of Botanical Artists
Pacific Northwest Botanical Artists
Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists
Southwest Society of Botanical Artists
ASBA Artists' Circles
Botanical Art Collective of North Central Texas
Central Virginia Botanical Artists
Coastal Alabama Artists
North Carolina Artists
Oregon Botanical Artists
St. Louis (Missouri & Southern Illinois)
The Reed-Turner Botanical Artists (Chicago)
Tri-State Botanical Artists of NYBG
Utah Botanical Artists (Salt Lake City)
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