Botany 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana

Building on our modest display at Botany 2011 in St. Louis, ASBA had a booth and workshop at the Botanical Society of America’s conference in New Orleans July 28 – 31, 2013. More than 1,100 botanists from around the globe attended the conference.The Botanical Society of America’s membership includes botanists and plant scientists who support the breadth and diversity of botanical research and education. BSA is the leading society dedicated to botany and its future. There is a natural connection between our two organizations and we had many fruitful discussions with a range of well-known as well as student botanists.

The conference included a broad range of activities, from presentations on all aspects of plant research, meetings of specialty groups, a convention hall with many booths and a huge poster session, and tours. Dr. Patrick Herendeen, who gave the paleobotany presentation at ASBA’s 2012 Chicago conference, was very supportive of ASBA having a larger presence at the conference. Dr. Herendeen was presented with a 2013 Botanical Society of America Merit Award.
ASBA participated in this conference in several ways. Alice Tangerini conducted a one-day illustration workshop with 19 registrants. Working with herbarium sheets and photographs each participant completed pencil drawings and a pen and ink plate that included the flower, fruit, and habit of a Pawpaw.
Robin Jess and Marilyn Garber participated in a panel discussion on Working with a Botanical Artist. A ‘Tip Sheet’ that included suggestions from ASBA members Liz Leech, Rhonda Nass, Dick Rauh, and Robin was distributed at the presentation and throughout the conference at the ASBA booth.
Marilyn, with Robin and Alice helping, manned the ASBA booth for the four days of the conference. We displayed exhibition catalogs, distributed information on membership, bookmarks that promote the ASBA website, displayed examples of botanical art and illustration on laptops, showed a mini-exhibition of the work from Alice’s students and demonstrated pen and ink techniques. The booth was very busy throughout the conference. We left with requests and plans to attend Botany 2014 in Idaho with even more classes.
  • Marilyn Garber and Alice Tangerini