Botany 2014 in Boise, Idaho

ASBA’s mission of spreading the word of botanical art was accomplished in a special way this past July. Marilyn Garber, Robin Jess and Alice Tangerini participated in Botany 2014, a conference of hundreds of botanists from across the US and around the world. Representatives of all major botanical institutions in the US including American Society of Plant Taxonomists, Botanical Society of America, and American Fern Society presented papers, posters, listened to special lectures and learned about botanical art.

Alice (pictured above), ASBA Board Member and staff illustrator for the Smithsonian, presented a full day workshop “Introduction to Botanical Illustration.” She taught 24 botanists and botany students a quick and effective way to create illustrations for their research. The participants gave Alice rave reviews and everyone was astounded with how much they accomplished. “Field Sketching Techniques” was taught by Robin, Executive Director of ASBA, who showed how to use careful observation to draw basic proportions and perspective. Students were urged to pretend that this was the only time they would see the plant, and a storm was on the way – important characteristics must be sketched in five minutes!
At ASBA’s booth, educational opportunities continued as Marilyn, ASBA Conference and Programs Coordinator, demonstrated watercolor on vellum and Alice showed pen and ink techniques. People constantly stopped by to watch and ask questions and look at ASBA catalogs and a scrolling laptop version of the Weird, Wild & Wonderful exhibition. Attendees learned about ASBA and many picked up our membership information.
  • Robin Jess Teaching field sketching
  • ASBA Merchandise - Note ASBA bookmarks were included in 1,500 registrant packets
  • Alice Tangerini pointing out fine details to be included in scientific illustration.
  • Alice Tangerini demonstrating in Exhibitions Hall
  • Marilyn Garber demonstrating in Exhibitions Hall
  • Large monitors showed pictures of activities during the conference. Robin Jess is shown in the center screen.