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I always loved watching my architect father drawing but he never took the time to teach me his art form. Even though I ended up in theater arts and arts management, i always longed to learn to draw but never had the time to study.

When I retired in 2016, studying drawing became me goal. I started with basic drawing classes for a couple years. I found I loved drawing with graphite pencils more than any other medium. Then I discovered colored pencil art and Botanical drawing specifically. Like my father, I loved the detail but instead of buildings and landscapes my love of the natural world and its wondrous complexity became my focus.

I began studying with Wendy Hollander and just as the pandemic shut down the world, she opened a world of botanical art and illustration for me. I will forever be grateful to the community of Draw Botanical for teaching me a new way of seeing the natural world and a new identity as a Botanical artist and illustrator.

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