Mission & Vision

ASBA Mission

To provide a thriving, interactive community dedicated to perpetuating the tradition and contemporary practice of botanical art.

ASBA Vision

Botanical art will be considered a significant, relevant, and respected contributor to 21st century art, recognized for its unique power to educate, promote ecological awareness and enrich our lives.

ASBA Description of the Future

• The rich tradition and history of botanical art will be honored.
• The highest standards of botanical art will be recognized and encouraged.
• The art form and its techniques will continue to be passed on to future
generations of botanical artists.
• The contemporary practice of botanical art will continue to develop and evolve.
• Museums around the globe will host botanical art exhibitions and establish permanent collections and galleries devoted to botanical art.
• The general public will be aware of and appreciate botanical art.
• Botanical art will be acknowledged for its power to communicate the
importance of plants in the world.


  • Brassica oleraceaKaleWatercolor© Lara Call Gastinger