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Sylvia Peter trained as a glass- and porcelain painter at a technical school. She then studied painting and graphics at the Art Academy in Halle a. d. Saale (Germany), where she did abstract paintings, ice sculptures and room installations. In 1999 she began to paint plants the size of a human in an iconic style. Having been inspired by works in the Shirley Sherwood gallery, she made her paintings more realistic by detailing the individual features of plants. Her 67’’ x 67’’ (170 x 170 cm) carline thistle on blood red background was achieved for the collection “Swabian artists of the twentieth century”. Her ribwort plantain is part of the Shirley Sherwood collection and was exhibited in London and Tokyo. She mainly works on wood panel, using many thin layers of self-made color from pigments and acrylic mediums. This technique allows her to create complex and large colored backgrounds for her plant portraits. Sylvia Peter is a member of the ASBA since 2014. In 2009, together with her husband Michael Junginger, she founded the gallery Forum Botanische Kunst. It is situated in northern Bavaria and specializes in botanical art, including plant photography and botanical objects.

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