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Originally from the UK, I am a botanical and natural history artist now living in Riverhead, Auckland, New Zealand. Surrounded by farmland and native bush I have the natural world at my fingertips and have an endless supply of amazing flora and fauna to keep me painting and drawing for years. ​

I am intrigued by and love painting the intricate details of plants and natural objects I find. Walking round the fresh produce section of a supermarket, walking on a reserve or an urban street hold equal fascination for me! It is these places where I discover my next subject to paint. It's often the overlooked, non-perfect, often past their prime specimens that draw me in. Through careful observation, drawing and painting I have learnt so much about the natural world around me and love it when the viewer discovers the beauty within and can appreciate its complexity and beauty.

​Watercolour is my medium of choice, as the transparent quality of watercolour allows me to add many glazes which not only bring a richness and depth of colour to my work, but a softness too when needed. I am intrigued by all the tiny details and the flexibility of watercolour allows me to capture these. ​​​I also enjoy working in graphite and ink and working on vellum which involves a whole new skill set.

Botanical art is a marriage of art and science, and my paintings are always the result of an incredibly fascinating voyage of discovery. Armed with my magnifying glass and microscope, my larger artworks can often take 100 hours from initial sketches, dissections to finished artwork as I endeavour to capture the tiny details, allowing the viewer to discover the beauty within.


Nature journaling is another important part of my art practice - I love sketching out in the field, as this acts as a foil to the concentration needed back in my studio.

I am a member of the Botanical Art Society of New Zealand, and President of the Society since 2019

I teach botanical art in watercolour, graphite and ink at my local art centre, and Fernglen Native Gardens, as well as fascilitate the Friends art group at Auckland Botanic Gardens.

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